Chisipite Senior School offers a rich, well rounded education programme that reflects our deeply held belief that all pupils have special gifts, talents and needs. Our commitment as educators is to bring out these gifts in each and every one of our pupils; to help each pupil find their own voice. We are proud of our diverse student population, and honour the identity of every girl, acknowledging that their story contributes to our shared identity. With an in-depth knowledge of how pupils learn best, Chisipite Senior School is dedicated to nurturing a love of learning and providing an enjoyable environment for pupils to adopt an intelligent and critical mindset regardless of their year level.

Chisipite Senior School is a leading single sex senior school in Zimbabwe,
providing an all-round, holistic and high-quality academic education for pupils.
We aim to develop the potential of each pupil in as many ways as possible.



We are immensely proud of the social and cultural diversity that goes to make up our school – it’s what makes us a vibrant and exciting community. Diversity is integral to the teachings of empathy and understanding, and we are proud to say that the community of Chisipite Senior School is encouraged to celebrate each other in every facet of their daily academics, activities and beyond.



Preparing our girls for the future and nurturing academic excellence are at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about inspiring each pupil to achieve their full potential. We also believe a modern education should go beyond academic development and we encourage all our pupils to embrace a wide range of exciting opportunities that life in our school offers. Our focus on academic and pastoral excellence is embodied by our school ethos of generating brave, strong and true thinkers who develop a passion for active learning and an empathetic response to the world around them.



Lorraine Hill, Headmistress of Chisipite Senior School, has over 20 years of experience as a high school teacher and for the past five she has been Headmistress of Chisipite Senior School, bringing about many new and innovative changes to the school.


She has ensured constant progression in the academic subjects and co-curricular activities offered to the pupils, ensuring they are relevant to our ever-evolving world.

“I believe in a growth mindset, where each pupil is given opportunity to fulfill, even exceed, her own expectations. By encouraging perseverance and nurturing self-esteem in our girls, I believe we give them the confidence to explore their potential, feeling confident to take risks in a safe environment.” Lorraine is passionate about learning and believes that the learning experience for all ages should be stimulating and exciting.


Academic excellency is at the heart of life at Chisipite Senior School, with small class sizes, committed teachers and a value added score for public examinations that puts us in the top academic schools nationally. Life at Chisipite Senior School also gives the girls opportunity to excel outside the class room in a wide range of specialist fields including sports, drama and music.

At this important stage in their lives girls are encouraged, supported and nurtured to achieve the best they possibly can. Chisipite Senior School truly is a place where girls achieve their potential.

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