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Academic excellence is at the heart of our school curriculum. We’re passionate about learning and we believe that senior school years should be academically stimulating, exciting, challenging and rigorous.

Throughout the School, pupils are taught by excellent, committed teachers who understand how girls learn best and are able to adapt their teaching techniques in line with this.

Our curriculum is designed to deliver an exciting and active learning experience. At all stages of the curriculum, we focus on developing a deep understanding – it is this depth which will not only enable students to achieve the best possible examination results and University destinations but will additionally develop a lasting knowledge and a lifetime passion for learning.

Academically, the journey through the school is also one of growing independence in terms of thinking, learning and studying and as such we believe that it is important for us to equip pupils with the skills they need for this – in other words, they need to learn how to learn effectively.

While sometimes learning inevitably means settling down with textbooks, we take every opportunity to bring those textbooks to life and enrich the curriculum with real life, meaningful experiences. We see this as Academic Enrichment and it includes events such as Science Fairs, astronomy evenings, trips to galleries, theatre workshops, and welcoming professional guest speakers including novelists, actors, musicians and entrepreneurs. Interactive learning experiences feature at all stages of our curriculum.


Regular assessment is an important element of our school curriculum. It enables our excellent teaching staff to focus on the individual learning needs of each pupil, identifying those who need more help and stretching those who are more able. It also means that pupils become comfortable with the concept of testing long before they sit public examinations at the end of IGCSE, AS and A level courses.

Effective reporting is also a key element of our approach to teaching and learning. While Heads of Year are available to pupils and parents for informal progress discussions, we also have an effective formal reporting programme in place, including parent and teacher consultations throughout the year.

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Throughout Senior School we strive to deliver a curriculum that will inspire, stimulate, and excite; that will enable every pupil to achieve her potential; and will develop a life-long passion for learning.

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